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What Others Have Shared From
Their Experience at Camp Chaconas

“Camp Chaconas is a mystical and serene place to and your soul essence and just be. It’s a place no one should miss visiting and renewing. Nancy & Jim are the wise, warm and nurturing steward of this amazing place. Great gratitude.”
June S, CA


“Jim and Nancy. There are not words big enough, great enough, full enough to adequately express the gratitude I feel for your abundant love to all of us. Your union of the masculine and feminine in each of you, together, is an honor to witness and to experience. I leave my love and gratitude.”
Michelle P – Minneapolis, MN Thank You

“I leave with much gratitude and love for this time – for beautiful relaxing healing, time, and for good food prepared with love.”
Phyllis C – Albuquerque, NM

Y“Thank you so much for the most magical, fun-loving, soul nurturing and soul group bonding time. This is the beginning of great friendships and great adventures.”
Anita W. Denmark

“The gathering of the women has healed my soul and body. Thank you for helping me remember my way and who is on the path with me.”
Annie P – Santa Rosa, CA

“Thank you for awakening my heart and soul once again to the purpose of y life.”
Robin S – Santa Rosa, CA

“Thank you for this beautiful experience. This manifest dream of gathering the women among the cathedral of tress and giving thanks. I enjoyed every moment.”
Lisa W – Ojai, C

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