Create Cherished Desire Statement Pictures

Create a photograph or picture of yourself with your desire statement goal. (If it includes a new car, take a photo at the dealership sitting behind the wheel) If it is a travel desire, find a picture of that location & cut out a photo of yourself to glue on the picture.

Create many goal pictures for different parts of your statements- you can put them on index cards, and go through them each night and morning, while you are visualizing the desire in perfect accomplishment.

Or make a “Dream Board” of your Cherished Desire:  Magazine cut outs, photos, drawings, etc.  It is a powerful process.

 Here is the first dream board I ever made in 1980, and I have now manifested 100% of those desires!   (Marriage, 2 kids, a Business, Published a Book, Snow Camping, Women’s Circles, Travel, a Cruise, Nails, Ease & Grace Life, Financial Abundance)


You can make a dream board by just thumbing through magazines & seeing what jumps out at you, what calls you, what brings you joy and excitement, (as I did in the 1980 board above), or you can make a board based on a current desire statement and find pictures that fit the statement.

Here is a 2020 Dream Board  made from a Desire Statement and hangs by my desk in my office so that I can give my desire attention.


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