Sierra Retreat

My passion is gathering people together, inspiring and empowering them

Camp Chaconas at Providence Creek- a Sacred place to practice success as a strategy for living in joy with ease and grace. Our cabin and camp retreat home is nestled in a California Sierra forest, four miles off the grid about 5 ½ hours from Los Angeles. You are invited to a gathering of a select group of women and men dedicated to empowering yourself and others. The wilderness invites us to relax into mother nature’s loving embrace. Our focus is to provide a nurturing setting in nature for us to BE as we participate in the diving of humanity.

Activities include:

  • TiPi Evolutional circles
  • Hot tubing in the forest
  • Solo time for vision questing
  • Art, Play, Dance and Music to integrate our experiences
  • Glamping accommodations and delicious healthy meals
  • Wilderness skills
  • Swimming in a natural pond
  • Hiking
  • Resting & Rejuvenating

Only a few requirements to participate:

  • The DESIRE to rest your mind and let your soul speak.
  • The WILLINGNESS to share with others
  • The RESPECT for Love and Spirit
  • The WONDERMENT of beauty and nature

2021 UpDates:

Our beautiful wilderness hideaway is healing from the bark beetle disaster ad the recent fires nearby.  Stay tuned for what’s coming in 2021 and beyond.

Somis Retreat

A sacred place at my artisan home in Somis, CA where you can relax, connect to your creative spirit and be a part of a circle of women, supporting each other in our visions of creating a world of peace, balance and well-being for all. We are gathering to inspire, collaborate, partner and educate one another on what is possible when we connect our hearts.

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